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You Asked, We Answered

Fill out our booking form online , Located on our home page 

Upon completion , we will then contact you about important details and concerns of your picnic vision such as theme etc

Do I need to bring any food with me?

Only if you want to! For a Hassle free day we have in house add ons: 

  • Custom charcuterie boards

  • Chocolate Strawberries

  • We also have a Chef contact! Just add a note to receive menu.

How do I book a picnic?

What do I do when the picnic is over

We will contact to you 30 minutes prior to your end time.  If you would like to end your picnic early, please let us know before you leave. You are responsible for our equipment until a team member is able to meet with you when you're done. You may also take the fresh bouquet of flowers and any food thats leftover. 

How does payment work?

After our confirmation call your picnic deposit is due within 48 hours via Zelle. 50% of the deposit is non-refundable.

Your remaining balance is due 24 hours before you picnic.

What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule 

Picnics can be cancel and/or Rescheduled within 24hrs. Rescheduling can occur within a max of two months from the original date. When Canceled you will receive only 50% of the deposit back.

So whats next after I book?

All you have to do now is show up to the desired location at your specific time and Joi picnic will take care of the rest

Can I choose a picnic location?

Yes you can let us know what location you want to choose.

If your having difficulty deciding the perfect location for your picnic , we will gladly assist you with recommendations during our confirmation call.

Are we able to customize our picnic and add specific items like more food or décor?

Yes we do our best to accommodate any additional request that you may have. Additional fees may apply.

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